The Executive Leadership Team - Commissioner Seelall Persaud, DSM

Seelall Persaud, DSM

Rank: Commissioner
Division: A
Institution: Guyana Police Force
Date of Birth: 08 April, 1963
Date Joined Force: 15 May, 1984


An Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is in place within the Guyana Police Force that is responsible for setting the strategic priorities, monitoring performance, identifying successes and where appropriate task or develop specific actions to deal with poor performance.

 The ELT comprises :

The Commissioner Of Police,

 Assistant Commissioner ‘Administration’,

 Assistant Commissioner ‘Operations’,

 Assistant Commissioner ‘law Enforcement’

 Deputy Chief Immigration Officer,

The Finance Officer

The Head Special Branch.

 The ELT is supported by a Performance Group which comprises the members of the ELT itself in addition to the Divisional and other Branch Commanders.

The Performance Group is key to the implementation and monitoring delivery of the strategic priority at a cross departmental and operational level and providing an advisory role to the ELT in setting policies etc.

Representatives of the Police Strategic Management Department also attend meetings of the Performance Group.

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