New Year's Message

By: Seelall Persaud , Commissioner of Police

Seelall Persaud


          Dear colleagues, once again we have come to a very significant landmark, the end of Callender year 2016.  Looking back, we should all be proud of our collective achievements.  We have maintained Public Security and have contributed to a 16% reduction in Serious Crimes when compared to 2015.  We have also improved Traffic Enforcement significantly but, unfortunately, we have also witnessed an increase in Fatal Accidents due to reckless driving on our roads.

          We manage to maintain morale in the Force and to improve our systems to the extent that the CID has achieved a 70% clear-up rate in murders, it is collecting evidence and charging for high profile crimes shortly after they are committed and has received praises from all sections of our society.

          While we managed to maintain Public Trust throughout the year, there were some very distasteful behaviour by some of our Officers and Ranks.  Such behaviours negatively impact our good standing with members of our society.  I urge that, as we enter the New Year, let us continue to work together to reinforce good behaviour and to discourage unprofessional behaviour.  Let us continue to build this noble Organisation.

          I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during 2016.  I congratulate all those that have received awards and those that have been promoted.  I also wish all of you and your families a successful and peaceful 2017.  God bless.




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