New Year's Message

By: Seelall Persaud , Commissioner of Police

Seelall Persaud

Dear colleagues, the year 2015 has brought its own challenges and experiences for us all. We have made several strides for which we should all be proud of. I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support throughout the year.

Highlights of our achievements would include the following:

a)      Security we provide for the General and Regional Educations and smooth transition of the new government was adequate due to our planning, preparation, collaboration with the joint services and our professional conduct during deployment.


b)      The establishment of the office for audit and inspections and the upgrading of the OPR will both see us achieving a higher degree of accountability.


c)      The Group Health Insurance, establishment of the Fallen Heroes foundation and appointment of the occupational health and safety officer are all welfare achievements that are likely to boost recruitment and retention programmes.

Our partnership programmes such as our social crime prevention programme and the Cops and Faith Community network, continues to serve as a massive support to our public trust drive. That, coupled with our performance in core Policing functions that is aided by local and international training and technology are making citizens proud of us.

It is unfortunate that the Police Service Commission, even though it received all the personnel files and interviewed all the Officers, Inspectors and Sergeants, a process that commenced since October, has not yet completed their work to announce senior promotions at this time. However, let us not be deterred. Let us continue to keep up and improve our good work. Let’s work together to keep Guyana safe.

I want to offer my sincere congratulations to all who have been promoted.

I wish you all and your families a peaceful, happy and productive 2016.

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