Press Release - Monthly Statistics Summary September 2015

13 October, 2015

The statistics in relation to the offences of murder and robbery under arms at the end of September 2015 with corresponding statistics for the same period in 2014 are attached.


At the end of September 2015 the Guyana Police Force recorded a 10% increase in serious crimes in comparison to the same period in 2014.  


Among the serious crimes policed by the Force are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape, and kidnapping.


A total of 114 murders were recorded at the end of September 2015 in comparison to 109 murders at the end of September 2014, an increase of 5%. Unto yesterday October 12, 2015, 3 more murders have been recorded.  


At the end of September 2015 robbery under arms overall has increased by 3% in comparison to the same period in 2014. The statistics indicate an increase of 4% in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms; while a decrease of 1% was recorded in the number of armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the perpetrators.   


The Guyana Police Force is apologising for incorrect statistics that were published in relation to the offence of rape. Following advice received from the Police Legal Advisor it was recognised that there was a recent flaw in the recording process for the offence of rape.


The statistics have since been adjusted and reveals that there has been an increase of 19% in the number of reports of rape, with 224 reports at the end of September this year compared to 188 for the same period last year.


Break and Enter and Larceny and Burglary have shown an overall increase of 14%.


Unto the end of September this year, a total of 89 illegal firearms have been recovered by the police comprising 1 sub-machine gun, 47 pistols, 24 revolvers, 10 shotguns, 6 rifles and 1 pen-gun. This compares to a total of 60 illegal firearms that were recovered unto this time last year.


The Police Force is continuing in its efforts aimed at crime prevention through its police-community partnership programme, along with social crime prevention interventions in the Policing Divisions, with special emphasis on empowering youths.


During last month the President Youth Award Programme of Guyana (PYARG) came on board in a partnership with the Guyana Police Force ‘A’ Division in its social crime prevention activities and youth development. Through the PYARG, training programmes focusing on moral values, self-esteem and leadership were held with over 150 youths from the Police Youth Clubs in the Division.


On Monday September 07, 2015, officials of the Food for the Poor (Guyana) Inc. donated musical instruments for a complete Marching Band to the police in ‘A’ Division which in turn was presented to the Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church, Albouystown. The instruments will be used for the Marching Band and also for a Musical Training Class for youths of the community.


On Saturday September 26, 2015, the police donated a four-burner gas stove and a quantity of rice to the Heavenly Light Temple in Albouystown, in order to assist with its feeding programme and a Baking and Cake Decorating Course that is open to residents of the community.


Interaction with young persons attached to the Police Youth Clubs in the Police Division continued with educational talks on healthy life-styles and drug resistance, and training sessions in first aid, information technology, karate, hollow block making and auto mechanics.


School supplies were distributed to a number of youths in the Alberttown Police Station District.  


In “B” Division (Berbice) the police, in collaboration with the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, donated footwear, school bags and educational materials to a number of less fortunate students of the community and also donated a quantity of medical scrubs to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.


In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Region 5, a medical outreach in the form of a dental clinic was held for students of the Woodley Park Secondary School and a substance abuse seminar at the Fort Wellington Secondary School. A Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programme was completed with a number of students of the Canje Secondary School and with assistance from medical personnel of the Skeldon Public Hospital the police also conducted an empowerment lecture focusing on HIV/AIDS for youths of the Skeldon community.


During September the police in “D” Division (West Demerara/East Bank Essequibo) also conducted a DARE programme for students attached to the Vreed-en-Hoop Secondary School and six young women graduated from a six weeks cookery programme that was organised by the police and facilitated by the management of the Madina Restaurant at De Willem, West Coast Demerara.

In “E” Division (Linden/Kwakwani) young persons attached to the Police Youth Clubs benefitted from a series of educational talks that focused on healthy living, leadership, moral values, conflict resolution, peer pressure, etiquette and teenage pregnancy among other issues. Sports gears and food hampers were also distributed to residents of several communities.


Divisional Commanders also held a number of community outreach meetings where issues and concerns raised by members of the public were addressed.


During September 2015 there was a total of eighteen (18) interventions supported by the religious community in the Cops and Faith Community Network which treats with juvenile first offenders for minor crimes as a preemptive intervention to the New Opportunity Corps.


Since the launch of the Cops and Faith Community Network in September 2013 and unto September 30, 2015, there has been a total of 228 such interventions. In all cases the youths were counseled by the religious leaders and following the involvement of parents/guardians, and the victims where necessary, the majority of them were warned and sent away.


In relation to the Family Liaison for victims of serious crimes and domestic violence project, which is also under the Cops and Faith Community Network, there were eleven (11) interventions by members of the religious community in response to attempt suicide and cases of serious crimes including armed robbery and murder where the affected persons, victims and relatives, accordingly, were counseled.


In relation to traffic, 90 road fatalities from 76 accidents have been recorded at the end of September 2015, in comparison to 101 fatalities from 93 accidents for the same period in 2014, a decrease of 18%. There have also been decreases in the serious and minor categories of road accidents, and a 6% increase in damage accidents.   


Pedestrians has been the main category of road users affected so far in road fatalities with 31 such persons having lost their lives at the end of September 2015. In addition 8 pedal cyclists, 23 persons in motor vehicles, 13 motor cyclists, 11 drivers, 3 pillion riders and 1 person who was being towed on a bicycle also lost their lives.


Speeding has been the major contributory factor to fatal accidents, having been the cause of 36 of the 76 fatal accidents unto September 2015.    


Traffic enforcement by the police has resulted in a total of 43,071 cases for this year being made against errant motorists at the end of September 2015; of this total 17,582 cases were for speeding, 1,666 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 489 for using cell phone while driving and 1,156 for failing to wear seat belt.  

Monthly Statistics Summary September 2015 File(s) Crime Statistics September 2015 Traffic Statistics September 2015

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