27 February, 2016

The Guyana Police Force held the Police Officers’ Annual Conference from Thursday February 25 to Saturday February 27, 2016, under the theme “Consolidating on partnership programmes, enhanced public trust and capacity building to provide effective security” which was attended by one hundred and sixty four (164) officers.

Conference noted the recognition of service of the late Assistant Commissioner Mr. Balram Persaud that was given by the National Security Committee under the Chairmanship of His Excellency The President Brigadier David Granger, MSS, where a minute of silence was observed and did likewise in memory of Assistant Commissioner Mr. Balram Persaud who succumbed on Tuesday February 23, 2016, to injuries received in a motor vehicle accident.


Issues raised by His Excellency The President Brigadier David Granger, MSS, in his inaugural address to the Police Officers’ Conference, during the opening ceremony, and those raised in a subsequent address by the Honourable Vice-President and Minister of Public Security Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan were focal in the deliberations and were discussed as a priority.

Conference took cognisance of the directives contained in the presentation of His Excellency President David Granger which included:

  • The creation of safe communities which are necessary for the good life
  • The importance of public trust in the Guyana Police Force
  • The intensifying of police partnerships with communities and community based organisations
  • Reviewing the role of Community Policing Groups
  • A more collaborative culture of police operations
  • The fulfilling of the Police Force’s manpower establishment strength
  • Greater police visibility in communities

Conference was motivated when His Excellency The President stated that he was very proud of the work the Guyana Police Force has been doing in 2016 and congratulated the Force on its ability to solve crimes more quickly than before as well as the changes that it has embarked upon; and that the Government was fully committed to giving the Police Force what it needs to keep Guyana safe, including the Criminal Investigation Department, to ensure that investigations are not interrupted or delayed.

Conference also took cognisance of the interactive address given by the Honourable Vice-President and Minister of Public Security Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan in which, among other issues, he focused on:

  • Improving public trust in the Police Force
  • The transformation of the public image of the Police Force
  • Community Policing relationship
  • Greater interaction with communities

In his address to Conference, Commissioner of Police Mr. Seelall Persaud, DSM, emphasised that while the year 2015 had brought its own challenges, the Guyana Police Force was able to make a number of significant successful strides and looks forward with great optimism to 2016.

He said that Criminal Investigation Department operations in 2015 coupled  with the Force’s Social Crime Prevention Programme had served to reduce the fear of crime in the country and that by cultivating strong partnerships the Police Force was better able to serve communities in need, thereby increasing public safety and public trust.

Commissioner highlighted a number of achievements of the Police Force during 2015, which included:

  • Establishment of a Group Health Insurance
  • The expansion of the Force’s social crime prevention programme throughout the Police Divisions
  • The creation of the Office for Audit and Inspections
  • The establishment of the Police Force’s Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc.
  • Expansion of the Cops and Faith Community Network
  • The appointment of an Occupation and Health Safety Officer

He also highlighted projects targeted by the Guyana Police Force for this year 2016. This includes:

  • Strengthening of “F” Division (Interior Locations)
  • Establishment of two (2) additional locations in “F” Division
  • Increasing land and water transport
  • Increasing the Human Resource establishment
  • Deployment of a Police Floating Base
  • Improving traffic management
  • Deployment of additional mounted capability
  • Enhancement of the Street Camera programme
  • Expanding the Social Crime Prevention programme
  • Establishment of Bicycle Patrol Units

Plans for 2016 were presented and discussed and Conference focused in great detail, through significant deliberations, on the continued training of ranks both locally and overseas in order to improve capability and service delivery, the improvement of police community relations, the enhancement of public trust, crime reduction, traffic management, crime scene management, crime investigation and prosecution in the courts.  


Conference was very appreciative of the informative presentations that were made to Officers during the sessions by the Police Legal Advisor Justice Claudette Singh, CCH, on Perspective on Police Investigations; Mr. Eon Caesar of Safeway Security on Electronic Security Systems; Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Ms. Sonia Joseph on Investigation and Prosecution Issues; Ms. Caitlin Vieira on Suicide and the Guyana Inter Agency Helpline; Life Style Diseases by Dr. Esan Reid of GPHC;  Lt. Col. Randy Storm of the Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations (GAPSO) on Collaboration between GAPSO and the Guyana Police Force; Ms. Paulette Henry of the University of Guyana on Social Phenomena; and Ms. Patricia Bisnauth of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association on  Gender Based Violence.  

Presentations were also made by Police Officers and civilian employees attached to the Force in the areas of:

  • Local Government Elections Preparedness
  • Crime Issues and 2016 Crime Plan
  • Traffic Issues and 2016 Traffic Plan
  • Welfare Issues 2016 Welfare Work Plan
  • Infrastructure – Impact on Force Operations
  • The Cops and Faith Community Network – successes and challenges
  • Community Relations Programme – successes and challenges
  • Indiscipline in the Guyana Police Force - challenges
  • Training Issues and 2016 Work Plan

Conference held lengthy discussions with meaningful participation among Officers on these issues, resulting in a number of policy decisions being made and also mechanisms for the monitoring of their implementation.

A presentation was also made by the Chairman of the Police Association focusing on the work of the Association in addressing issues concerning their membership and aimed at improving the welfare of ranks and which was well received by Conference.

The Police Officers’ Annual Conference 2016 concluded with the traditional Mess Dinner at the Police Officers’ Mess where nine (9) Officers with an accumulated total of two hundred and ninety one (291) years of service were dined out and twenty two (22) newly promoted Officers dined in. The guest speaker was the Honourable Vice President and Minister of Public Security Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan.

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