Cops and Faith Community Visits a victim of serious crime

On Tuesday December 08, 2015, senior officers of the Guyana Police Force along with religious leaders attached to the Cops and Faith Community Network (CFCN) visited a member of the public who was shot and injured by armed men during a robbery at his home recently, and a policeman who was injured while on duty at a roadblock.

Commander ‘A’ Division Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken, along with other senior officers and Pastors Mr. David Cole and Mr. Shane Mosley visited Mr. Nicholas Coates at his home at Bel Air Park, Georgetown, where he is recuperating. Prayer sessions were offered and he was given counselling by the religious leaders, while the Divisional Commander gave him words of encouragement.

Nicholas Coates had been attacked at his home by four armed men on November 23, 2015, during which he was shot and injured to his right foot.

The Officers and Pastors also visited Police Constable 22445 Andrew July who is a patient at the GPHC. Constable July was struck down by a fleeing motorcyclist and received serious injuries, including a broken leg, while on duty at a police roadblock on December 04, 2015.

The pastors counselled and offered prayers for the speedy recovery of the rank as well as that of the other patients in the ward.

The Guyana Police Force has been benefiting through meaningful support being given by religious leaders attached to the Cops and Faith Community Network which had been launched on September 12, 2013

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