Empowering Youths In Baramita

The Divisional Administration of the Police ‘F’ Division, under the command of Senior Superintendent Rabindradat Budhram, is forging ahead with the Police Force’s Social Crime Prevention initiative, a significant part of which is aimed at empowering youths to develop skills and moral values in order to become productive and meaningful contributors to society.
In this regard, assiduous efforts have been made in the Barimita area through the work of Woman Sergeant 20435 Natoya Benjamin, who is the Subordinate Officer in charge of the Baramita Police Station, and other ranks stationed there.
The ranks are policing a community where social issues include school dropouts, alcohol abuse and the need for improvement in social activities.
With this focus in mind the police ranks, with assistance from officials of the Ministry of Education and businessmen in the community, have embarked on several programmes aimed at ensuring the well-being of the youths, that they remain in the school environment and stay away from substance abuse and alcohol abuse.
Through the leadership of Sergeant Benjamin, the ranks have resuscitated the Baramita Police Youth Club with an initial membership of thirty-two (32) persons.
They have also started an aggressive sports and physical education programme that targets students of the Baramita Primary and Secondary Schools as a means of occupying their spare time productively and keeping fit.
The programme has seen the return to school of several school dropouts and a number of guidance sessions were also conducted with the assistance of adult females from the community where topics discussed included Personal Hygiene, Teenage Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence.
The Police Division has also established an Under-15 Football Club and a Circle Tennis Team at Bartica comprising twenty-five (25) youths each, in keeping with the initiative which also has a crime prevention objective.

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