Impact Albouystown

Project Impact Albouystown is a very good example of the great heights that can be achieved by a handful of committed people. The rewards for those that conceptualized, planned and managed the project were only intrinsic and therefore all were required to give selflessly.

The project embraces a concept referred to as “Social Crime Prevention”. It is a model that gives much needed attention to the “root causes” of crime particularly those forces that contributed to delinquency, drug abuse and a host of adolescent problems.

 Impact Albouystown File

While individual members and the community as a whole are benefitting in significant ways, it is also a useful experience for the police and its Community Partners. An experience that is currently being shared with other communities in Guyana and that can also benefit countries with similar culture and characteristics as Guyana.

I wish to encourage members of our communities to participate in these projects and thank our partners in Albouystown and those outside that have contributed to the success of the project.

Note: A Magazine on the Impact Albouystown Project has been compiled and can be accessed via the Download link indicated under the image to the right.

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