General Safety Tips

Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones can reduce and minimize the

Opportunities for criminal elements to strike and make your life uncomfortable.

There are easy steps you can take to secure yourself, family and business and assist the Guyana Police Force in keeping you and your community safe.


When walking

1. Choose well lit and busy streets and avoid dark and bush filled vacant lots

2. Know where your children are going, who they are going with and what time they should be expected back home.

3. When walking on busy streets keep your purse close to your body and keep a firm grip on it. Carry phones and wallets in front or side pockets.

4. Keep your mind on your surroundings, know who is in front and behind of you and if worried about your destination then ask a friend to accompany you.

5 Choose routes in advance that are safe and well populated with preferably pedestrian traffic.

6. Vary your route and schedule.

7. Avoiding walking by yourself after parties and dances.

8. Know business places that open late in case you need to seek refuge.

9. Always have the number of police stations in your purse, wallets or phones.

10. Avoid wearing headphones whilst cycling, jogging or walking . Its safer to be alert.


When Driving

1. plan your routes in advance.

2. Inspect your vehicle before getting in to drive, look for broken locks etc.

3. Drive with your safety on and windows wound up whenever possible.

4. Do not leave valuables in vehicles whilst parked for prolonged periods of time.

When using minibuses and short drop cars always be aware of who gets off with you, especially at night. If possible call ahead and ask someone to meet you at the stop or the closest location to your destination especially if you would have observed persons acting suspiciously.




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