Traffic Chief


By: Troy Van Rossum PC 24814

Cars rarely cause collisions…..Roads rarely cause Collisions….. But people cause collisions.

Therefore, it is important to know how the traffic department is undertaking such a problem. As such, we will be featuring the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department.

The Traffic Department with its head office located at the corner of Barrack and Parade Street Kingstown/Eve Leary, Georgetown, is currently being spearheaded by a vibrant Officer, Senior Superintendent Mr. Linden Isles.

The unit is divided into seven sections; Administration, Registry, Education, Enforcement, Records, and Training, which was recently reformed.

In the traffic department, policies are set out by the Traffic Chief and channeled throughout to all the divisions.

In ‘A’ Division, ranks are being commanded by Superintendent Dennis Stephens, in ‘B’ Division by Deputy Superintendent T. Williams, In ‘C Division they are led by Deputy Superintendent M. Vigilance. Over in ‘D’ divisions, Assistant Superintendent M. Fraser is spearheading the ranks. However, in ‘E’ Division ranks are guided by Inspector S.Henry, in ‘F’ Division by Inspector C.Hooke and in ‘G’ Divisions by Inspector D.Adams

However, one of the main aims of the department currently, is to have the public be aware and educated about road safety.

Thus, on Thursday, September 13.2018 the Traffic Chief reintroduced the traffic education unit with the aim of restoring safer and better road practices.

Following the reintroduction of the education unit, Mr. Isles and his team recognize that traffic education in schools is being neglected as a result lectures were done to one thousand five hundred and twenty-six students (1,526) from various schools in the month of October 2018.

Additionally, between November 2018 and January 2019, three thousand students (3,000) across the country benefited from lectures.


The Students were edified by the specialists on road safety, rules for pedal cyclists, proper use of Pedestrian crossing, kerb drill, saying no to drugs of all forms, and loitering on the roadways during and after schools hours.

More so, the traffic departments are having “on-air” radio programs on 102.1 FM Radio from Monday – Saturday at 6.30 am, where the public would be allowed to share its views and become more aware of road safety.

Also, the department is hosts educational lectures for Learner Driver ranks of the Joint Services.

Aside from the educational unit, ranks are deployed daily to different points around the country with the aim of having a free flow of traffic, preserving road safety, and ensuring road users comply with traffic regulations.

Traffic ranks are assigned to carry out escorts for the President, Senior Government Officials, Diplomats, and Senior Officers of the Joint Services.

It is important to note the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department is a vital section in the Force and is striving to have road users be educated in order to use the roadways in a safer manner which can potentially result in fewer road fatalities.




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