Branch Commanders

The Guyana Police Force is headed by a Commissioner of Police and is divided into Twelve (12) Policing Divisions and a number of Branches throughout Guyana. They are:

  1. Communication 
  2. Sports
  3. Training School
  4. Immigration
  5. Mounted Branch
  6. Tactical Service Unit (T.S.U)
  7. Canine 
  8. Public Relation Office (P.R.O)
  9. Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D)
  10. Traffic 
  11. Construction 
  12. Day Care
  13. Guyana Police Co-operative Credit Union

The Branches include The Public Relations Office, the Criminal Investigation Department, The Mounted Branch, the Central Immigration and Passport Office, The Police Band, General Office, Finance Office, Traffic, Special Branch and the Canine Unit among others. Each Division and Branch is commanded by a Divisional or Branch Commander who reports to the Commissioner of Police.

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