The Mission of the Guyana Police Force and its Auxiliaries is to serve all citizens and communities of Guyana in a professional, pro-active and accountable manner. To achieve this we will work in partnership with communities, public agencies and private bodies to enhance and support an environment where all people are preventing crime and building a safer and secure Guyana.


Our Services will be aimed at:
1.  Respecting and recognising human rights;
2.  Working with all communities to develop policing services necessary and appropriate to those communities;
3.  Building partnerships with all sectors of Guyana Society, including Commercial
and Voluntary Groups;
4. Working to develop Community Policing Programmes in conjunction with
Community Policing Groups;
5. Improving working relationships with other agencies within the Justice Sector and
other Government Departments to improve inter-agency achievements;
6. Establishing enhanced working relationships with regional law enforcement
agencies; and
7. Building a Police Force that through the correct training, access to the right
equipment and technologies and adherence to standards will better serve the
people of Guyana.


Our vision for the Force is summarised as:
1. Recruitment of suitably qualified persons for the Force recognising our people are
our most important asset;
2. Development of our staff with the right skills to undertake their role effectively in
the context of modern policing;
3. A more professional and accountable Police Force driven by increased public
4.  Increased and appropriate use of Information Technology across the GPF to
improve our service delivery;
5. Generation and use of accurate data to support intelligence led policing;
6. Use of measurement, monitoring and planning techniques to deliver effective and
efficient police services; and
7. Provision of suitable premises that support modern police practices.