Regional Division #3

Assistant Commissioner  Mahendra Siwnarine

Regional Division #3 Essequibo Islands-West Demerara

Stations Boundary

That part of the state which extends from the Atlantic Ocean at its northern extremity to the Arobaio, Makouria and Tiger Rivers and the watershed between the Essequibo and Demerara Rivers and the Essequibo and Cuyuni Rivers at its southern extremity and from the Demerara River at its eastern extremity to mean low water mark of the Essequibo River and the watershed between the tributaries of the Essequibo and Supenaam Rivers at western extremity.


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Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s)
Regional Commander – Assistant Commissioner  Mahendra 268-2343/268-2223
Regional Deputy Commander – Superintendent D. Moore 680-6969/626-8677 268-2298
Regional Detective Officer (Crime)– Assistant Superintendent T. Whittaker 689-5836/617-5735 268-2298/268-2222
Traffic Inspector – Inspector M. Craig 629-2629 268-2600
Community Relations Officer – W/Inspector Y. Skinner 673-0291 268-2328
Chief Court Prosecutor – Assistant Superintendent G. Mansfield 668-3762 268-2328
O/C Complaints Office –Leonora – Special Superintendent L. Kissoon 647-5821 268-2328


Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s) Stationed
Officer in-Charge No. 1 – Assistant Superintendent K. Williams 602-8957 268-2328 Leonora Police Station
Officer in-Charge No. 2 – Superintendent R. Rose 621-8730 264-2333 La Grange Police Station
Officer-In-Charge No. 3 – W/Assistant Superintendent D. Black 693-2168 260-4480 Parika Police Station
In-Charge Leguan and San Souci, Wakenaam Police Stations – Inspector E. Isaacs 626-7000 774-5022/


Leguan/San Souci Police Stations

Region 3 Map OutLine