Regional Division #1

Senior Superintendent Himanuth Sawh

Regional Division #1 Barima/Waini

Stations Boundary

That part of the State bounded on the north by the Atlantic oceans from the common boundary between Plantations Liliendall and Sophia, to the right bank of Demerara River; on the east by the common boundary between Plantation Liliendaal and Sophia, from the Atlantic Ocean southwards to the Lamaha Canal, by the Lamaha Canal in the rear of the estates on the East Coast and East Bank of Demerara through the water-shed between the Demerara and Mahaica Rivers, along the eastern and up on the southern boundary of Dora on the right bank of the Demerara River; on the south by the southern boundary of Dora and the left bank of the Kuliserabo River; on the west by the left bank of the Demerara River from the Atlantic Ocean southwards to the southern boundary of Freede Stein from the left bank of Demerara River eastwards to the source of Kamuni River thence southwards through the water parting between the source of the Pokerero River to the source of the Waratilla Creek, thence along the watershed between the Essequibo and Demerara Rivers to the source of Kuliserabo River.

Stations/Outposts within Region

Contact Us

Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s)
Regional Commander – Senior  Superintendent Himnauth Sawh 777-5007
Regional Deputy Commander – Deputy Superintendent M. Vigilance 643-9202 777-5007
Community Relations Officer – Inspector M. Smith 671-4714 777-5007
Inspector-In-Charge Crime – D/Inspector Curtis Cort 688-8297 777-5007
In-Charge Traffic – Sergeant P. John 694-9368 777-5007

Regional Map