Firearm Application

Guidelines To Applicants:

1. Persons who wish to submit application for joint firearm licence (first time) are requested to complete the ‘Individual’ application form and submit with the supporting documents and a covering letter indicating that it is a joint application.

2. Persons who wish to import firearm(s) are advised to contact the Ministry of Commerce, South Road, Georgetown, for assistance in obtaining an Import     Permit, which is necessary for the importation of weapons.

3. The types of weapons that persons could be licensed for are handgun, rifle and shotgun. Please see application for more details.

4. Individuals may be approved for a second firearm licence two (2) years after being approved for the first.


1. Requisite Application Form to be completed.

2. Applicant must be resident in Guyana for a period of one (1) year, prior to submitting application.

3. Applicant must be the holder of a valid passport.

4. Applicant must be the holder of a valid visa and work permit.

5. In the case of miners, a letter from a recognized mining Association in support of the application must be submitted.

6. Certificate of Character (police clearance) from country of birth or last country of residence must be submitted.

Application for a Firearm Licence Forms:
  1. Application for a Replacement Firearm
  2. Application for an Upgrade of Firearm
  3. Application for Firearm Licence Amerindian
  4. Application for Firearm Licence by a Company
  5. Application for Firearm Licence by a Dealer
  6. Application for Firearm Licence by a Farmer
  7. Application for Firearm Licence Individual
  8. Application for Joint Firearm Licence
  9. Application for Renewal of Firearm Licence
  10. Application for the Transfer of Ownership of a Firearm
  11. Firearms Ac
  12. Firearm Registration Form Individual
  13.  Application for Firearm  Licence Medical Report Form