Regional Division #10

Superintendent Guy Nurse

Regional Division #10 Upper Demerara-Berbice

Stations Boundary

That part of the state which extends from the Makouria River (a right bank tributary of the Essequibo River), Arobaio River (a left bank tributary of the Demerara River); northern boundary of the Guymine Lease A7557 and the watersheds between the tributaries of the Berbice and Mahaicony and the Berbice and Abary Rivers at its northern extremity to the Bullet-wood Rapids (Berbice River) and an unnamed tributary north of the Makari Settlement (right bank Essequibo River) at its southern extremity and from the Berbice River and the watershed between the tributaries of the Canje and Berbice Rivers at its eastern extremity to the Essequibo River at its western extremity.

Stations/Outpost within Region

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Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s)
Regional Commander -Superintendent Guy Nurse 618-2510 444-3406
Regional Deputy Commander – Deputy Superintendent W. De Hearte 661-4716 444-3297
Divisional Detective Inspector – Inspector A. Flatts 662-1282 444-3351
Traffic Inspector – Inspector S. Henry 658-0530/692-4520 444-3429
Community Relations Officer – W/Inspector V. Pindar-Whittaker 681-8571 444-3274
Chief Court Prosecutor – W/Inspector V. Pindar-Whittaker 681-8571 444-3512
PRO – W/Corporal K. Erskine 673-4690  



Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s) Stationed
Officer -in-Charge No. 1 – Inspector M. Lyte 692-8982 444-2429 Mackenzie Police Station
Officer- in-Charge No. 2 / HR Officer – W/Inspector C. Evans 665-7570 442-0759 Wismar Police Station
Officer-in-Charge No. 3 Inspector C. Holder 662-5506 440-2222 Kwakwani
DIVISIONAL OPERATIONS ROOM 444-3512 or 444-3297 Regional Headquarters Mackenzie

Region 10 Map OutLine