Regional Division #4(c)

Assistant Commissioner Khali Pareshram

Regional Division #4(c) Cove & John, East Coast Demerara

Stations Boundary

That part of the state bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean at the Common Boundary between Plantations Industry and Cummings Lodge eastwards to the west bank of the Mahaica River; on the east from the Atlantic Ocean southwards to its intersection with the eastern prolongation of the northern boundary of lease A7557 held by Guyana Mining Enterprises; on the south, the northern boundary of lease A7557 and its eastern and western prolongations from its intersection with the southern prolongation of the thalweg of the Mahaica River to its intersection with the thalweg of the Moblissa River; on the west by the watershed between the Demerara and the Mahaica Rivers to the source of the Badarima River, the Badarima River to the Lamaha Canal, the Lamaha Canal to the common boundary between Plantations Industry and Cummings Lodge to the Atlantic Ocean.

Stations/Outpost within Region

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Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s)
Regional Commander – Senior
Superintendent K. Pareshram
660-2258 229-2289
Regional Deputy Commander- – Deputy
Superintendent T. Browne
664-9774 229-3564
Regional Detective Inspector (Crime) – Inspector H. Henry 617-9660 229-2557
Traffic Inspector – Chief Inspector T. Smith 687-9061 229-2662
Community Relations Officer – W/Chief Inspector H. Anthony 624-5589 229-2019
Chief Court Prosecutor – W/Assistant Superintendent S. Jupiter 687-3040 229-2750


Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s) Stationed
Officer- in-Charge No. 1 – Inspector Stephen 6681-6161 274-0409/274-1221 Vigilance Police Station
Officer- in-Charge No. 2 – Assistant Superintendent K. Shivbarran 645-2669 222-4355 Sparendaam Police Station 
Officer- in-Charge No. 3 – W/Inspector C. Grandison 684-7236 228-2422 Mahaica Police Station
Officer-In-Charge Beterverwagting Police Station – W/Assistant Superintendent A. Thomas-Harte 675-6212 220-2222 Beterverwagting Police S
Officer-In-Charge Divisional Operations Room – Cadet Officer W. Wallace 682-5868 229-2750  
DIVISIONAL OPERATIONS ROOM 229-2750/2019 Headquarters Cove and John

Region 4 Map OutLine