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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             THE GPF’S JULIET GRIFFITH DAY CARE CENTRE



Done By: Troy Van Rossum PC 24814


The Juliet Griffith Daycare Centre obtained its name after Mrs Juliet Griffith, the Founder of the Police Wives Association of Guyana. She was the spouse of former Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr Joshua Griffith and was recognized for her dedication and hard work by the then Commissioner of Police Carl Austin, Esq., D.S.S, D.P.M, C.P.M; who commissioned the Center in her honour.

Mrs Griffith who was always an advocate for the welfare of children knew that with the establishment of a Daycare, it would help to assist the hardworking Police ranks positively since many of them (parents) did not have anyone to look after their children whilst at work.

As a result, on October 3, 1994, The Juliet Griffith Day Care Centre, also known as the “Police Day Care Centre”, was established.

The Centre started off at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary, and is currently functioning in the compound of the Mounted Branch.

The Centre which is governed by the Administration of the Guyana Police Force caters for Police Children between the ages of 1 ½ – 6 years; its Motto: “Preparing the children for the future through play”.

The Supervisor of the facility, Police Sergeant 20137 Vivette Poole, highlights the fact that it is a priority for them to develop their colleagues’ children simultaneously as they perform the duty of serving the nation.

The Centre was formed with sixteen children, eleven staff members (this included police ranks and civilian personnel) and two cooks; parents had to pay at that time, an admission fee of six hundred dollars per child.

Over the years, the Centre continues to serve a larger number of police children; currently, there are ninety children on a roll along with twelve staff members who are referred to as “Caregivers”, two cooks, two barrack labourers and a supervisor. Parents are now required to pay a monthly fee of four thousand dollars per child.

Mrs Pool also highlighted that meals for the children are provided by the institution which falls under the care of the GPF and parents are required to supply toiletries for their child/ children.

The Centre’s children are being moulded by Special Corporal Donna Blair who has over twenty-five years of working experience at the intuition whilst Special Lance Corporal Shellon Williams, Special Constable Odetta Lynch, Special Constable Shondell Wilson and Special Lance Corporal Monique Cornette, respectively have twenty-three years of working experience at the Centre.

These experienced Caregivers whose tasks include feeding, comforting, educating and training the children, are kept very busy from Monday – Friday.

Over the years, the Juliet Griffith Day Care Centre has “eased the burden” of police ranks and their families by providing a safe and reliable service which proves to be far more affordable than other institutions.