Building A Better Force

By: Constable 24584 Clifford George

One of the many departments essential to the day to day operations of the Guyana Police Force is the Construction Department.

The department which is located on Seawall road and Rabbit walk in the Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP)  Chambers compound has been in existence since the 1980’s, Though no records were found so far to definitely state the exact date of its establishment,  this section was under the command of the head of the “Department of Development” up to 1997, Assistant Commissioner “Finance and Stores” in 1998, Assistance Commissioner “Administration” from 1995-2015 and Assistant Commissioner “Operations” from 2015 to present.

The Construction department was established to design, implement, monitor and evaluate current and capital infrastructure projects of the Force. These projects include but are not limited to the maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings, fences, bridges, and other infrastructure within the Forces’ ‘self-help’ and/ or contractual agreement with the private contractors through the National tendering process.

Added to these functions, the department has responsibility for co-ordination with engineers within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure; Ministry of Public Security and other external agencies for the Construction / rehabilitation of Police building in accordance with the building codes and layouts required by the Guyana Police Force.

A total of (40) forty ranks are currently stationed at the construction department, which includes; seven plumbers, seventeen carpenters, two masons, five painters, eight administrative staff and the Deputy Superintendent Mr. Sherwayne Hilken who currently heads the department.